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From social distancing to social interaction

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

The past year has been challenging for most people. This pandemic took a toll on jobs, financial security and access to healthcare. Health became the forefront of people's lifestyle. This shift in social paradigm educated everyone on the importance of taking care of each other, looking out for each other's health, be it for a positive gestures or helping the sick to get access to doctors and the appropriate remedy.

Apart from physical healthcare, experts saw the shift in human behaviour. Organisations and governing bodies constantly need to establish positivity and allude assurance to ensure that plans continue as favoured. These observed behaviours that both negative and positive, tells a tale of mental capacity and the need for us to observe and understand mental health.

Since Mar 2020, people have begun to identify the dangers of socialising on a massive scale or pack together in small environments. Due to fear of airborne particles that may carry said disease, nations were put to lockdown and people were asked to avoid physical contact for a time being. They then learn that intermingling in the same physical location, no longer became a necessity with the availability of video conferencing solutions. Families celebrated online though video calls, sending texts and pictures across the internet. People have learn to appreciate these moments.

However, physical presence became something that was even sought after. We hear complains asking governing bodies to quickly allow the norm. People breaking the rules, jurisdictions, and we see officials on ground getting exhausted, working night and day helping to advice and enforce for the sake of public safety. They too hoped that things would be back to normal soon.

Can we rely on video calls now? Probably yes, but not for long. Humans are designed for physical interaction. What we can do now is to encourage, help each other, motivate for a higher purpose and get immunity from diseases. There are other ways to interact, handshakes on a different level but still cool.

As we try to encourage positive behaviour and graciousness, we also have to understand that different people have a varying levels of mental capacity and well-being. A once jovial man can turn cold. A quiet soul can turn violent. It can be very unpredictable. We can watch our speech and our gestures. Ultimately, we should understand that social norms are very different now and we should be tactful. Understand the climate and one's concern, it would help in understanding each other better.

This blog is still understanding how people are interacting in this new era. Let us open our hearts and help where we can. Let us grow to be positive family members, colleagues and friend.

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